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Interschool Chess Challenge 2019 Local Heat – Primary & Secondary Schools Division

On Monday, 1st July, 18x3-6 students from Lilli Pilli Public School competed in the Interschool Chess Challenge 2019 at Lucas Heights Community School.  The tournament was a 7 round “Swiss’ competition meaning that all players played 7 games and no-one was ‘knocked out’ of the tournament. Chess clocks were used and the time limit for each game was 15 minutes. 174 students from across Sydney attended the tournament and great day was had by all.

Participants from LPPS:

Jeremy, Ty, Nathan, Aston, Charles, Abi, Sophie, Ryan, Dash, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Bailey, Jonah, Parker, William S, William W & Thomas.

Mr Wescombe (3W)


LPPS student reactions:

‘The experience was epic.’ Charlotte 3W

‘The day was incredible.’ Will 3W

‘It was frightening but I won my second ever chess game at the tournament.’ Sophie 3C